The day after Valentines it’s natural to feel slight perturbed at your plight of singledom, but use this feeling as motivation for you not to be in a similar position next year. There are many schools of thought regarding the ‘art’ of seduction[1. Sponsored by Joop], and today Ape to Gentleman introduce you to one from James Charm.

Sponsored by the well-known fragrance Joop! Homme the light hearted webseries sees James Charm offer his ‘students’ seduction tips that actually work: how to hit on a girl in the supermarket, how to perform a sensual massage, how to make a move in an elevator, so on and so forth…

Seduction lesson # 6 : Rivals


While these aren’t the Gentlemanly tactics we would ordinarily endorse, as my good tailor once said:

“Tony, there is more than one way to pin a suit.”

You have 365 days until next Valentine’s Day gents, so no excuses – fortunately it’s a leap year.