Cometh the hour, cometh the… deodorant. As you step up to take that all important penalty kick at your five-a-side don’t let your underarm sweat patches give away your fear. It may not be the World Cup finals, but the stakes (to you) are equally high.  Score the goal, you not only win the game, but hero worship from the lads and a free beer in the bar afterwards. On the other hand if you miss, you face instant humiliation and abuse (from your own team, as well as the opposition) and the legendary tale of your penalty miss being recounted for years to come.

This summer new SureMen Sport Defence not only offers heat activated protection for those high pressure moments, but a chance to win some cash in their Last 8 Sweepstake. If your team makes it to the final stages, here’s what you can get:

Quarter Finals – You get £5
Semi Finals – You get £15
Final – You get £25
Winning Team – You get £50

To find out your team, look on the side of your SureMen Sport Defence deodorant and enter the unique code online. I checked my team and with all the European juggernauts in the tournament, I have unfortunately been lumbered with Switzerland. I think it’s fair to say I’m not going to win, but then again you never know, the “beautiful game” has the tendency to surprise us all.

The Special edition pack is available in aerosol and roll-on. Available in all leading supermarkets and chemists nationwide.