A survey commissioned by *Right Guard Xtreme has found that the majority of Britain’s male working population is willing to tell their colleagues that they smell, with 4% saying that they are happy to do it by text.

The “Stinky Colleague” survey was carried out nationally with over 1,000 men taking part. The most forward can be found in Southampton, where 74% of the men surveyed said that they would confront their colleagues with the harsh truth.

Before you start thinking that the UK’s male population have no heart, 64% of the respondents said that they would find it hard to tell someone that they smell because they wouldn’t want to embarrass them and 14% worried that they themselves might smell.

The most sympathetic city was Birmingham with only 41% of the men willing to tell their colleagues, followed by Glasgow with 47%.


Of those who felt that they have a bit of an odour issue, over a quarter -admitted to spraying themselves regularly throughout the day with deodorant, while 14% said that they would go as far as go to the bathroom to dry themselves off while at work.

Professor Greg Whyte, sports scientist and celebrity trainer, explains:

“The summer sweat and summer pong are really easy to avoid. Wash regularly, particularly those areas where you get the smell like under the arms and the feet; make sure you’ve got clean clothes on; but most importantly select a deodorant that is anti-bacterial.

“Right Guard Xtreme is a classic example of that. It contains silver molecules, which are fantastic anti-bacterial agents, to control that bacteria and stop the pong.”

The survey also found the reason why the UK’s male population takes the smelling issue so seriously: the opposite sex. Nearly three quarters of the respondents believed that, when it comes to men, body odour is the number one turn off for women.


*The research for Right Guard Xtreme was carried out online by Opinion Matters between 26.05.2010 and 01.06.2010 amongst a panel resulting in 1005 male respondents. The survey’s respondents were from: Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham, Plymouth, Sheffield and Southampton