Friday Five: Know Your Skin

Regardless if you have a 27 step skin care routine, if you don’t know what skin type you have, how to spot the signs or what products to use, then…
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The Shelf: Dry Skin

  The Shelf is a men’s grooming series by Ape to Gentleman focusing on skin care; designed to assist with common grooming ailments, achieving certain looks and general best practice. Different…
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Polaar ExtremeCare

French brand Polaar, creators of the legendary Polaar Icy Magic eye roll-on have recently added ExtremeCare to their product line. ExtremeCare is a unisex range, formulated with Arctic Rhodiola Rosea…
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111 SKIN

111 SKIN is the creation of Dr Y. Alexandrides, a cosmetic surgeon with over 20 years of experience specialising in craniofacial surgery and facial rejuvenation. Dr Alexandrides, despite being a cosmetic surgeon also…
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SkinCeuticals Emollience

Suited particularly well for dry and sensitive skin types is Emollience from SkinCeuticals. It expertly nourishes dry and dehydrated skin, aiming to and succeeding restoring and maintaining moisture. I came…
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Top 10 Dry Skin Moisturisers for Men

A good dry skin moisturiser should be thick, absorb quickly but last, be a good texture, be concentrated, possess quality ingredients, easily dispensed and offer value for money.
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