Le Labo x Opening Ceremony

Le Labo Fragrances decided to contribute to Opening Ceremony’s partnership with Thierry Boutemy by creating a limited edition fragrance (100 bottles only) for the event. Geranium 30, developed with French…
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Le Labo Laurier 62

Laurier 62 is touted by Le Labo as “a mess”. It contains laurel, rosemary, eucaplyptus, thyme, cumin, clove, amber, patchouli, sandalwood and 53 other ingredients! That’s a total of 62 ingredients,…
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Le Labo ‘The City Exclusives’

Le Labo – the Grasse-New York fragrance house, famed for their ‘City Exclusives’ collection – where they create scents as tributes to the cities they have shops in are hosting a bi-yearly…
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Le Labo Ylang 49

Floral fragrances can be tricky ground for men to approach, especially as they are so strongly considered feminine. Over recent years however, floral extracts have slowly become prominent components in…
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Le Labo Amulet

New from New York based fragrance house Le Labo comes their Amulet – a portable diffuser for your favourite scent. There are hundreds of ways to use it: in your…
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The world of the ‘noses’ is a relatively closed one, with most experts deriving from families with fragrance heritage. There are routes into the world of fragrance expertise, however most…
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Le Labo: Santal 33

Have you ever smelt the smoke from a fire in a library full of science textbooks? No? Then you’ve probably never smelt a perfume by fragrance house Le Labo. The…
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LE LABO Fragrances

After recently having the pleasure of announcing Les Senteurs as Ape to Gentleman’s fragrance experts, everyone here at ATG HQ has become somewhat more intrigued by the fragrance world. You…
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