Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

As the cooler months draw in, and the central heating is switched on there is an inevitable drying of skin and in particular lips. The reason; a lack of moisture…
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Top 10 Lip Balms for Men

In numerical order of supremacy, this list, compiled from customer feedback, popularity, innovation, ingredients, results, price and Ape to Gentleman’s testers displays the Top 10 Lip Balms for Men the…
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D.R. Harris Lip Balm

The smell of D.R. Harris’s Lip Balm will always remind me of winter in Paris. It brings back memories of a blisteringly cold trip up the Eiffel tower, late night…
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Lip Balm for Gentlemen: Chapfix

As our lips do not contain the protective melanin pigmentation, it is vital to ensure that they receive special care and maintenance, which is something most of us forget. Yes,…
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Lip Guard UV+ by Polaar

Festivals give us the rare chance to spend prolonged periods outdoors, but while men are finally beginning to embrace the idea of using a moisturiser and sunscreen, it’s very important…
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Lucky Tiger Head to Tail

Men’s grooming brand Lucky Tiger, which turned 75 this year, has branched out from the shaving and facial skin care business into body care with a line called Head to…
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