Mühle History

Situated on a vast hilly plateau, guarded by sheltering mountains lies the quaint community of Stützengrün, Germany. Proudly claiming home to Mühle, the innovative grooming brand is widely celebrated as…
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Mühle Shaving Culture

If you’ve landed on this page, then we highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch this stunning cinematic portrait of the traditional Saxon shaving brand; Mühle. A 3-generation, family…
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Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide

We like to keep you, our loyal readers, abreast of everything that is different yet Genteel (and at times Apeish) and as Father’s Day approaches we have decided to put…
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How to Shave – Wet Shaving Razors

Wetshaving razors: so much marketing, so much technology, so little attention by the shaver.  Many people think it has everything to do with the number of blades on the cartridge.…
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How to Clean a vintage razor

If you are a guy who swears by your trusted vintage razor then it is important that you take care of the product in order to get the best use…
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