The Topic of Body Hair

Body hair, the subject of much debate – do the fairer sex find it attractive and manly or is it a serious turn off. We’ll never have an answer in…
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The Truth About Male Waxing

While male waxing is growing in popularity, it does remain somewhat of a taboo. Well, no longer – Ape to Gentleman are smashing that taboo. Unsightly body hair, should be…
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For the gentlemen amongst us who prefer to keep their torsos (and beyond) hair free, there is a new tool on the block. Known as Inhibitif – it touts itself as…
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Male waxing, Boyzilians and the BSC!

You might have noticed the sun shining, proof that summer is on its way!? Hopefully. We’ve given you sun screen advice, self tanning advice but now it’s time for something…
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