Fittingly for a company with tailoring in their blood, Dunhill’s newest fragrance, Custom, draws inspiration from the labels heritage, and introduces the concept of a spray-on garment to the male wardrobe. With it’s chunky glass bottle, complete with Dunhill monogrammed base, Custom gives the buyer an opportunity to personalise their bottle with a replaceable metal plate in the lid, which can be engraved with a monogram or initials of your choosing.

Inspired by Dunhill’s custom suit cuts, the new fragrance has been designed to evoke the scent of a freshly tailored suit. I’m personally not well acquainted with the fragrance of bespoke tailoring, so I can’t confirm how accurately Custom does this, but the fragrance certainly sits comfortably on the skin. Mild, clean and warm, but still light enough to suit Spring/Summer wear.


It’s when you approach Custom as an item of clothing that it suddenly makes the most sense. Imagine underwear in a bottle and you’ll have the best understanding of how to wear the fragrance. The weather’s warm, you’ve just got out of the shower, and before you put your trousers and shirt on, you dress yourself with a layer of Custom.

Understated yet interesting, the composition of Pippin Apple, Pepper, Wood and Incense is certainly pleasant enough to apply so liberally. From a grooming standpoint, applying perfume as clothing is definitely an evolution I’d like to see happen. Applied in this manner, Custom makes welcome appearances throughout the day as you move, it’s notes stimulated by the friction of cloth on the body.


Custom isn’t a statement fragrance. It’s not trying to bring anything radical to the table, but it’s not just another green citrus composition that will only make you think of shower gel. It’s a fragrance that should be applied all over before dressing: a layer of comfort between your skin and your clothing.

Custom is currently on sale at Harrods and Dunhill stores, available in a 200ml Shower Gel (£22) and 50ml (£42) and 100ml (£54)  Eau deToillete.

John Francis Bowyer