It’s often tricky to predict hair trends each year; an influential celebrity can swing the style or a popular fashion show at LFWM can make an impact. Nothing however, can beat experience and the man on the ground- so we spoke to one of the UK’s leading, up-and-coming barbers Phil Ferne to find out what your haircut of choice should be for 2017.


Before I became a barber I was a regular barbershop customer just like you. I had no idea what haircut and style I wanted, how long I wanted the top to be or how I wanted to style my hair. I’d just sit in the chair and the barber would cut away. It can however, be an awkward situation when your barber reveals the back of your head, and you’re not completely happy. And yet, you say yes because if he cut any more hair there would be none left. You leave thinking, “oh well, hair grows” and six or seven weeks later return to the same barber for the same haircut. Well, New Year, new hair resolution- stop doing this.


Let’s make it simple and give your barber some guidance. If you ask for a tapered two or three (depending on how you long or short you like it) back and sides and he looks at you confused- leave. Or show him this post.


For 2017, we recommend The Taper Fade Haircut. To begin, the taper on the back of the neck is crucial as it blends into the neck and sets the scene for the rest of the haircut. It should sit well on your t-shirt or shirt line for casual or formal occasions and is a truly universal hairstyle- making it so popular with men of all ages and socioeconomic status. It’s versatile- beginning with shaved skin blended tightly and precisely or more subtly, beginning with a short taper.

We recorded a video (above) to demonstrate- take a look and see Phil in action with model Andy Holmes- to show you how he achieves this popular haircut and Niven & Joshua’s haircut of 2017 for men. We recommend washing with Malin+Goetz Peppermint Shampoo and styling with Hanz de Fuko Claymation to achieve a voluminous top, with strong hold but a subtle matte finish throughout.