Fragrance enthusiast + PHD in Chemistry + Natural Talent = Extraordinary scents.

In the male grooming world, as editor of Ape to Gentleman, you occasionally stumble across something special and Andy Tauer is, special, a natural talent. He’s also a scientist with a PHD in chemistry, who turned his love of fragrance into a hobby when, five year’s ago, he began to mix scents for his family and friends. So extraordinary were these creations that word began to spread and Andy turned his hobby into a small business selling his perfumes directly from his home in Zurich and writing a legendary blog about his perfume passions. He has charmed perfumista’s and the uninitiated alike with a collection of hand-made scents that are diverse, original and contain high quality, extraordinary natural ingredients. There are no fillers here, just 8 contemporary classics that, while expressing the all-important ‘signature’ of the creator (the true mark of a great perfume house) are so individual, I guarantee you will a.) be blown away and b.) have never smelled anything like them before. All the scents are unisex but some are more masculine than others, so I’ll pick out my favourite 3, actually better make it 4…


1. Orange Star – “a celebration, literally bursting with the sunny notes of clementine, mandarin, juicy lemon grass and orange flowers – however it is the soft, powdery, violet flowers that give this joyous confection it’s heart.”

This is my favourite of them all, the delicate citrusy aroma is fresh but doesn’t smell washed out, there is a real complex depth to this scent. Fantastic during the day, especially during the summer months.

2. L’Air du Desert Morocain – “Inspired by the Maghreb desert, this is a sensual trip through the streets of the souk and out into the wilderness. Powerful cedar blends with aromatic spices of coriander and cumin around a warm heart of rock rose and a subtle hint of jasmine.”

I’m always a fan of spicy scents and L’Air du Desert Morocain takes it to the next level with a mysterious, dark scent. This would be perfect to wear in an evening with a dinner suit.

3. Vetiver Dance – “Vetiver can, in the hands of the less talented become cloying, it requires a deftness of touch that marks all of Andy’s work and here a natural vetiver oil is used to devastating effect. Crisp grapefruit, and clary sage strike a bright green accord tickled with the spicy notes of black pepper seed. At the heart, a clean note of lily of the valley plays with rich vetiver laid upon a base of woody ambergris, Tonka beans and cistus. Dance – it certainly does, a constant pas de deux across the skin as the fragrance develops.”

Vetiver – perfume staple and classic undergoing a revival of late with the likes of Tom Ford Grey Vetiver amongst others. Andy Tauer’s take on the old favourite lies in the title, ‘Dance’. As you might imagine – the scent is lively, fresh, full of energy and above all, superb. Another summer scent with a welcome depth.


4. Lonestar Memories – “a year in Texas inspired Andy’s homage to the cowboy and sparked his love affair with Birch Tar, the smoky bonfire of an ingredient that defines this fragrance. Combined here with spicy carrot seed, green geranium, leather and a fizzy vetiver this is, quite simply, iconic.”

Firstly, if you’ve ever smelled anything like Lonestar Memories before then please let me know, I believe you won’t have! This some what divided the gents at Ape to Gentleman HQ for one reason, the ingredient; ‘Birch Tar’. The best way for me to convey this scent without you being able to smell it is in the official description above, think ‘cowboy’ or similarily, the Marlboro Man. Intiailly the scent goes on strong with the Birch Tar somewhat overpowering and well, smoky. However, let it settle and the other ingredients power through, leaving you with a most manly scent.

Other scents in the range include: Reverie Au Jardin, Incense Extreme, Incense Rose and La Maroc Pour Elle.

The Tauer Perfumes range is fantastic, varied and unique. All the scents are Eau de Parfum so have excellent longevity – if you want to break from the norm and wear a scent that is truly unique, I recommend giving Tauer Perfumes a try.

Priced at £90 for 50mls EDP.

Tauer Perfumes available now at Les Senteurs, 71, Elizabeth St, Belgravia SW3