An image that always comes to mind when thinking of a gentleman, is a traditional four legged coat/hat stand, in a dark wood, usually populated with one hat for good measure, and a pencil thin cane umbrella in the base. But as with many classic items, the modern way of life has a habit of changing them to fit in with our modern lifestyle, in fact our modern style. Coat racks have been preferred in recent times due to their space saving benefits and ease to blend with modern design.

A refreshing example of modern coat rack design is Tempelhof ‘wardrobe’ created by Kolja Clemens German designers Mom. The coat rack was made in homage of the Tempelhof airport which gained historical importance through the Berlin airlift during the days off the blockade in 1948-1949 and was recently shutdown. Made from the same material as the bombers they represent (aluminium), the wings on the aircraft double up as arms on a coat hanger to support the shoulders of your jacket and keep its shape – very important.

Needless to say the coat rack is not something that everyone will understand, so if you get tired of relaying the whole story, when asked “Why?” just simply respond, “Because I like planes.”