A scent can trigger a memory, as well as evoke one. Carry you to the tips of pleasure and the depths of excellence… all with one sniff. It is this feeling of warmth and personal experience that Floris London use to create their masterful bespoke perfume.

The craft itself has graced the lives of the greats since 1730. Some of these creations have remained safe in the vault and passed down through generations; while others such as No.127, made Russia’s Grand Duke Orlaff, have been introduced into the public domain. The same service is still available today and remains best way to discover your signature scent.


It starts with a one-on-one appointment – where you and the head perfumer discuss what you would like the outcome to be – this is a chance for you to discover your own interpretation of smell. Only you and her will know the true ingredients – there is a sense of magic in this mystery. You will then be taken on a journey of scent through alleyways and crevices of entwining oils.

Even if you are not a so-called ‘expert’ the wisdom and knowledge of the house will help you decipher what it is that you desire.

Next, you will go through a selection of different aromas and decide just what will hold your creation together. Whether it be base notes of amber or sandalwood or top notes of lavender and coriander: the final decision is left to you and your nose.


The process itself takes six months, with a minimum of three consultations over a six-month period. On finishing you will be presented with a 100ml bottle of your creation, a certificate of provenance and the chance of five repeat orders.

A truly unique experience.

Bespoke perfume design, £2,750; 0207 747 3600