One of the most underrated products in a man’s shaving routine is a good pre-shave oil. One of the first questions I ask when a gent complains about shaving irritation is if they use a pre-shave oil? Of course there are other factors to a good shave such as the quality of other shaving products used, razor and other preparation such as shaving after showering. Another ‘trick’ to beat irritation is to exfoliate the beard area prior to shaving using a skin scrub, this will rid the skin of dead skin cells making razor glide easier.

A good pre-shave oil will hydrate, protect skin and soften the beard whilst allowing the blade to glide smoothly over skin and through hairs thus reducing ‘tug and pull’ resulting in much less irritation. Another benefit is the pre-shave oil forming a coating over the skin to directly protect it from the blade.

A pre-shave oil is not to be confused with a shaving oil. They are similar products but some men prefer to shave with an oil only, as opposed to a cream, gel or foam. A pre-shave oil is designed to be applied underneath a cream, gel or foam as added protection.

Top 3 Pre Shave Oils

Anthony Logistics Pre Shave Oil 60ml for £20.00

An excellent lightweight formula packed full of essential oils such as Rosemary, Eucalyptus and conditioning Vitamin E and healing Calendula. It will soften your beard allowing for a tug and pull free shave resulting in no irritation.

eShave Pre-Shave Oil 59ml for £18.00

The lightweight formula hydrates, protects and allows easy razor glide. It contains skin nourishing proteins and vitamins too.

The Art of Shaving Pre-Shave Oil 60ml for $22.00

Prepares and softens the beard and with botanical ingredients and essential oils  for a close, comfortable shave. The result is less irritation, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Ideal for sensitive skin and won’t leave an oily residue.

In conclusion, if you suffer from shaving irritation try a pre-shave oil, you won’t regret it. You don’t need much and will make all the difference.