There is a certain invigorating quality about the autumn changing to winter: at its best it brisks you up like a jauntier version of New Year, with brilliant sun, crisp clear air and the constantly changing colours of the environment. The arrival of frosty mornings and a certain purposefulness in the season, ending of course with the Christmas beano which stands implacably waiting for us all: to some a reward, to others a threat.

The autumnal change to winter is great for trying out a new fragrance – the weather swings every which way and styles of clothing the same.

Mood alters constantly, too, from nostalgia to elation: the influence of our school days makes itself felt – a time of new beginnings and fresh challenges. It feels right to be trying out a new fragrance and a new style. Here are 10 scents to suit every eventuality.

1. BOIS BLOND – Parfums Generale

The quintessential autumn/winter scent. A glorious golden breath of sweeping harvested fields, the stubble ploughed over and mists of grain still hanging in the air. Bucolic without being brutish – a thoroughly civilised fragrance which wraps up hay, tobacco, bitter green galbanum and vetiver in a cloud of cedarwood. Perfect for town or country, work or leisure – a masterpiece which uses traditional perfumery oils in a supremely modern manner. Understated and refined, with a breezy lyrical quality.

£90.50 for 50ml from Les Senteurs.

2. HIMALAYA – Creed

Creed always do things in style and here is the perfect laid-back gentleman’s scent for any occasion – but maybe at its best teamed with an immaculately cut suit for work; or with that favourite weekend cashmere sweater. Like cashmere, Himalaya is sumptuously soft, light but with a reassuring warmth. Traditional lavender, ambergris and sandalwood add a certain gravitas which is given youth and sparkle by a hint of grapefruit and gunpowder. Yes, gunpowder – there’s just a suggestion of those exploding caps we used to fire off in toy pistols. A daring idea – and it works beautifully, bringing a classic bang up to date with a waft of spicy smoke.

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3. NOIR EPICES – Editions de Parfums


A fragrance to give you confidence and to make others sit up and take notice. The idea of colour can be very evocative in describing and contemplating scent – Noir Epices is a fiery blend of orange, gold, dark green, black and copper: highly seasonal. Ginger and pepper put a spring in your step, intensified by the bite of black pepper and the comforting aroma of cinnamon. Geranium, bitter orange and clove stimulate, energise and warm. A perfume with elegance and dash, to be worn with brio and a sense of authority – maybe even bossiness. What’s more, it’s not lacking in sexual confidence.

£95.00 for 50ml EDP from Les Senteurs.

4. SPEZIE – Lorenzo Villoresi

Warm golden Mediterranean autumn days, where summer lingers late and the air is still heavy with the scents of the harvest and ripe vegetation. Dry, rich and attractively dusty Spezie has an overall aura of incense, a comforting but exotic spiciness derived from coriander, cypress, laurel and oregano – the fruits of an Italian herb garden drying for winter storage and sweetened with vanilla and heliotrope. Unusual and innovative without being quaint or quirky, Spezie is a contemplative, nostalgic scent for the fading light.

£65.00 for 50ml EDT from Les Senteurs.


This is the one for those days when it never seems to get properly light, the rain comes down in a perpetual soaking drizzle and yet it’s so hot and muggy in the tube that you tear off in an agony of heat half the tweeds and woollens that seemed so right when you dressed that morning. Poised and sophisticated but light, cooling and calming: orange flowers, lemon and bergamot offer a fragrance as near as you can get to a refreshing reviving shower-bath before you reach the sanctuary of home.

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6. WAZAMBA – Parfums d’Empire


A comfort fragrance for a chilly dim December evening: the sun of Africa warming luscious sweet apples mixed with pine resins, amber and sweet myrrh. Sandalwood and cypress add a dark umbrageous woodiness and warmth heightened with incense smoke. Dark and dramatic – try this gem if you believe in wearing scent just to please yourself, which in our view should always be the case. Wazamba will do wonders for your morale – just wallow in this overdose of sensual aromas and release the tensions of the day.

£84.50 for 100ml from Les Senteurs.

7. ROSE D’HOMME – Rosine

Western men are not used to wearing rose scents though fortunately in the 21st century the tabu is slowly breaking down. We have missed out on a lot: start catching up now with this ground-breaking number from Marie-Helene Rogeon who challenged her perfumer to come up with a thoroughly masculine combination of Bulgarian rose (the peppery, spicy kind), leather and lavender. Like SPEZIE, there is a muted, nostalgic quality to this – but Rose d’Homme is a sweeter fragrance with a faintly perverse twist in the pairing of bitter myrrh with that whipcrack Spanish leather.

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8. 1270 – Frapin


A harvest supper of a fragrance as imagined by Brueghel: a liquor-soaked Bacchanalia to celebrate the fruits of the earth and the earthy animal gustatory pleasures of the table. Comfort and sensuality and ravenous physical appetites: think of Albert Finney and Joyce Redman gorging in “Tom Jones”, or the lovingly described blow-outs in “Mme Bovary” and “L’Assomoir”. A velvety boozy blend of cocoa, plums, praline, honey and coffee infused with vine leaves and fumes of finest Frapin cognacs matured in the dark rich loam of Champagne. Luxurious and stylish over-indulgence.

£99.50 for 100ml EDP from Les Senteurs.

9. OUD – Mona di Orio

A soft warm dark fragrance of mystery and elegance to wrap you up against autumn damps and fogs: Mona interprets this most exotic and mystical of perfume ingredients in a supremely elegant Western manner without losing any of the enigma and psychotropic quality of this legendary resin. Oud is the oleo-resin derived from dying agar wood which is recalled to life in characteristically heady, profound and woody perfumes. Mona’s version which adds mandarin and Chinese osmanthus absolute, hints at leather, balsamic and animalic notes which contribute to a power scent of tremendous verve and sensuality.

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10. LONESTAR MEMORIES – Tauer Perfumes

The wide open spaces of the Texas plains in the fall: a fire beneath the stars, the tents hard with frost but the glittering frozen air warm with the scent of leather, coffee, wood smoke, tobacco, freshly cut kindling and, some say, a hint of bacon. Distant horizons, limitless adventure – a scent of the great outdoors and the bracing challenge of nature. Geranium and clary sage for energy, and then the lush, exotic but masculine depths of myrrh, tonka and sandalwood. An interesting and piquant pendant piece to BOIS BLOND (see above).

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Written by James Craven, LES SENTEURS’s nationally quoted fragrance archivist and expert chronicler of all things culturally fragrant, lends his invaluable service to the business as it continues to guide customers through its unparalleled collection of fine fragrance and scented accessories. Please visit Les Senteurs here: