My silk pillowcase journey culminated around a month ago with a cocktail of requests from readers for a review on Ape to Gentleman and me noticing silk pillowcases more. Traditionally silk pillowcases have been seen as an expensive luxury reserved for those who were willing to push the boat out for that better ‘pillow case experience’. So, and possibly only on a male grooming blog would one set out for that better ‘pillow case experience’, I began to research silk pillowcases and their benefits.

Frankly I was amazed by the benefits of a silk pillowcase and also, their popularity with men. The reasons for this popularity can be divided into three areas:


Silk contains essential amino acids found in many of today’s moisturisers, they are hypoallergenic and won’t draw moisture from the skin. Silk pillowcases are as you may suspect, very smooth – this results in less crease marks compared to traditional pillowcases which are prone to gathering of material. This lack of creased skin is more a temporary benefit, the retention of moisture from silk pillowcases is an important factor in slowing skin ageing.

Clean and Comfy

You’ve all heard the horror stories surrounding the quantity of mites that reside (unbeknown to the human eye) in your bed. The bad news, they are true – the good news, silk pillowcases don’t collect these mites like your traditional pillowcases. As previously alluded to silk pillowcases are exceptionally comfy and soft – most of us have felt silk at some point in our lives so this goes without saying.


I’ve saved this for last. The reason being, hair care is seemingly the biggest factor with men for purchasing a silk pillowcase. Silk contains proteins which a healthy hair follicle needs meaning that while you sleep your hair is being nourished, perfect for those who are follicle-challenged. A dual benefit of the smooth silk surface means next to no tug and pull resulting in less hair breakage.


The praises of silk pillowcases are sung by many so I decided to take the plunge. The market leader is Silkskin – popular with many and sold in various illustrious stores. With all the benefits promised, £36.00 for the pillowcase seemed an absolute steal. Especially when you consider the price of some skin care creams. Silkskin developed their incarnation over a two year period perfecting their cause. The result is an incredibly soft pillowcase made with natural, organic silk.

I place emphasis on the words incredibly soft!

I have definitely seen an improvement in the moisture levels of my skin and more immediately I wake up looking much fresher. The longer term effects on hair loss remain to be seen as I’m only a week or so into my trial but I can safely say that each morning my white Silkskin pillowcase hasn’t claimed a single lost hair.

The science and research behind the benefits of silk for skin, hair and comfort are well documented. My experience back this up so I would thoroughly recommend investing.