The First Things Women Notice About You

When trying to secure a first date you may not have a lot of time to get to know the girl, be it on the train, at the bar or in a coffee shop, there is an unspoken time limit. Most women will decide if the guy gets a date in the first 5 minutes and unless you have the personality of prince charming we will be judging most of it by the way you look and they way you present yourself; and boy oh boy do we w0men know how to jud. The trick is to look after yourself and more importantly look after the features that we are drawn into judging you by.


Hair is probably one the first things women will notice about you. Above all else your hair is the one part off your body that is always on show. Not only is the hair style very important but we notice the actual condition of your hair, so it may worth investing in a good shampoo and conditioner.


Although yes we don’t want someone who wouldn’t know a hard days work or a good night out from atom, but we also don’t want to be able too tell just how little sleep you got last night by looking into your eyes. Dark circles and puffy tired eyes ages you unbelievably! and in all honesty it’s just very unattractive to look at. Eye moisturiser can be your best friend if you lead a busy life, or if your on the go? Try a more cosmetic approach, concealers can cover dark circles for a quick fix if your off out straight from the office.


It’s not called a million dollar smile for no reason. Your smile is an investment, not just another feature. From job interviews to meeting a beautiful lady, your smile is what invites us into conversation. Investing in a good toothpaste and mouthwash is a necessity, as arrogant as it may seem, most women will completely turn you down if they don’t like your smile.


So this is personal to each mans taste some will wax every where they can get waxed while others prefer to have a more rugged look. Each is personal taste and shouldn’t really effect your dating life. Basic grooming, shaving, moisturising etc. is kind of a big deal though. When a female meets you she will look directly at your face and this is where her judgement of your personality comes from. Is he well looked after? Does he know how to pick up a razor? Do his eyebrows meet in the middle? We can’t help it, we just notice this stuff! Get yourself a good razor and shaving cream partnered up with a gentle post shave moisturiser. Perhaps some tweezers too? I guess that’s personal choice.


You can be Brad Pitts twin brother and it won’t get you anywhere if your attitude stinks. Even if you are gorgeous, be sure to remember your still only human and so is the woman your talking to. Be polite and friendly, and respect her boundaries. Not every girl will want to date you and that’s okay. You never know what girls could be around watching taking notes on how you treat the ladies.

Most importantly; don’t over think it. Observing over the way you look will only make you feel worse. Do what feels natural.

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