The way we see and digest news has changed rapidly over the last five years and while we have seen a deviation from conventional methods of reading, such as books/magazines/newspapers there has been no clear distinction as to where the future of news lies. What is clear that with the numerous blogs and news sites updated frequently and in real time, the internet hold’s the key. The problem has always been with so much information available in quality niche blogs, news sites, online magazines etc how do we translate this into a condensed, portable option…? A conundrum indeed.

Enter The Flud; a free news reading application for iPhone/iPad that allows the users to personalise their reading experience in a mobile news ecosystem. Within 3 days of Flud’s release on the iPad, Apple featured it as the #1 new News app in the Applestore – now they’ve released their latest version for the iPhone. The iPhone app is smooth, and simple – much as you’d expect if Apple had designed it themselves. On loading each portal, Flud will tell you how many posts are new since your last use, and you can easily share content via email, or on Twitter and Facebook. You can also watch all of our video content. Watch the short video below to see the Flud iPhone in action.


Flud’s intuitive interface collates these all those sites into one slick app. You now have 1 place to catch up on your reading, 1 place to share content socially, 1 place to save content for reading later and 1 great way to stay classy.

Along with select sites (such as MTV, FastCompany, Fubiz,Engadget,Uncrate and Gizmodo) Ape to Gentleman is one of Flud’s featured partners for the iPhone launch. Future updates include syncing with Google’s reader and more accessible feeds.


Gents, witness the future with Ape to Gentleman on-the-go; the Flud is the epitome of malleable news for modern times.

To download The Flud for free on your iPhone or iPad, click here. Try it out gents, let us know what you think…