Ever been in the position where you know you want a new haircut, but can’t decide for the life of you what to have, so you end up going for the cut that you normally have.  Hairstyle design have ingeniously put together a crop of cuts to ensure that your next hair cut is a style worth cutting. They have created a website featuring photos of many different hairstyles to help you find one that is best suited to you. I’m not saying that I completely agree with it’s execution, but the concept is a good one, and that alone deserves lauding.

Thought has gone into the site; styles are sectioned off into different lengths (short, medium and long), they have a section for black hairstyles, and even haistyles for teens. So where did they go wrong? Well, quite simply it’s the haircuts. Look on the bright side, if you don’t see a haircut you do like, then you’ve obviously seen many that you don’t like, and that in itself has helped. Think about it.