Gents, we have a great survey for you today courtesy of head&shoulders classic clean. 4,500 Brits were polled in the search for the male celebrity they thought was most likely to have the best smelling hair. Results show that Robert Pattinson, Colin Firth and even Simon Cowell were all excellent performers in the poll but they didn’t win it!

Before we reveal who the winner was, we thought it worth a mention that musician Pete Doherty and comic Ricky Gervais each gained less than 1% of the vote from all those surveyed! Any surprises here? No.


Photo c/o Flickr, Kinepolis

1st with 17% of the British vote, Hugh Grant.

2nd Simon Cowell with 13% of the votes.

3rd with 10% was Mr Darcy a.k.a Colin Firth.

4th was teen heart-throb Robert Pattinson with 4% of the vote.

The results also highlighted the importance the public place on having great smelling hair, especially as 43% of Brits surveyed prefer their partners’ hair to smell clean when they wake up in the morning.

Male grooming tip: Fragrance Expert, Dr Hazel MacTavish-West says: “Smells link directly to a deep-seated, primitive part of our brain, also linked with attraction. So it is no surprise that good-smelling hair is a turn-on, for both men and women.”

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