The New Gillette Series Energising Moisturiser


After my last review of Gillette’s recent offering; the Gillette Series Winter Defence range and claiming, “I don’t think the weather is severe enough yet to truly test out…”, I think an apology is due for pre-empting the big freeze that struck most of the planet! Jokes aside, the purpose of this article is to take a look at Gillette’s most recent offering the new Gillette Series Energising Moisturiser.

The packaging follows the same lines as the Winter Defence products with manly silver, blue and green colours, making it acceptable to use post gym or after your chosen sport and to fend off any comments from your archaic mates with scaling dry skin who still believe a moisturiser is soley for use by women.

As you’d expect from Gillette, functionality is key and the Energising Moisturiser doesn’t disappoint, squeeze off the cap and one push of the dispensing pump mechanism ensures the correct amount of this fresh smelling moisturiser is released to cover your face and neck sufficiently.

The moisturiser doubles up as an after-shave balm for soothing irritation after shaving, a kind of 2-4-1 offering going on here. After you’ve shaved apply the moisturiser to shaven areas and your face. The moisturiser itself is a white cream, with a good balance in between ‘runny’ and ‘thick’. The key here is to get a moisturiser that’s light enough to quickly absorb without leaving a greasy residue – something which Gillette get right thanks to healthy quantities of glycerin and emollients.

Okay, so all the ‘basic’ boxes are ticked, now to the true test – was my skin hydrated all day long? Before I answer, one of the most disappointing things for me when trying moisturisers is after applying in the morning, by 3pm my skin is dry and taught, moisture is nowhere to be seen. A good moisturiser hydrates all day and my disappointment extends to some of the male grooming worlds biggest brands. Fortunately as aforementioned, Gillette remembered to include good levels of key hydrating ingredients glycerine and emollients amongst other things so there wasn’t a problem there.

In conclusion Gillette get it right with their new Energising Moisturiser, available at an attractive price point of £7.99 for 50ml. A good moisturiser and for those of you with archaic mates, a good after-shave balm.

Available at all the main supermarkets nationwide from mid February.

Stockist number: 00800 44 55 38 83.

Chris Beastall

Chris is the Founder and Editor of Ape to Gentleman. His interests lie in men's style, male grooming and leading a better lifestyle - through minimalist, basic and clean design.