Today, saw the launch of the new Shave Sexy video by shaving brand King of Shaves featuring Diane Wood aka Barbarella X. For those of you who read my original Shave Sexy post, I’m sure you’ll be chomping at the bit to see this video for let’s hand it to King of Shaves, Barbarella X is one stunning, well, barber(ess). Surely enough, the video doesn’t disappoint – neither does Barbarella X!

Barbarella X has sent her top 10 Shave Sexy tips over to Ape to Gentleman HQ for your pleasure – the outlook: expect sexier shaves and disgruntled barbers across the UK.



Convincing your man to allow you to shave his face is the hardest part! The key is convincing him you can be trusted with a razor. Assure him that there’s no need to worry, you have more shaving experience than he thinks, as you’ve been shaving your legs for years. To prove to him that you can do it, lather up your own leg and run the razor seductively over your smooth supple skin. We recommend you use the sleek King of Shaves Azor M Alloy System Razor as its unique wishbone-shaped head design provides great visibility when shaving.


Before you can shave sexy you must practice! Grab a mirror and your favourite songs and dance in front of the mirror so you can see what looks best. You want to look sexy so be sure to practice going from step to step. Also practice the shaving technique and think about where you’ll start and, ultimately, where you’ll end up!


For the shave to be a sensual experience you must prepare everything beforehand. Dim the lights, don your sauciest underwear, light candles and play some romantic music. You’ll also need to make sure you have all your shaving tools to hand – you’ll need an Azor M, a mug of warm water, a couple of towels (one warm and wet, the other dry) and either a King of Shaves Shaving Gel or Oil.


Get your man to strip off his shirt (or take it off for him), sit him back in a chair and tell him to relax. You can now prepare him for a traditional wet shave – sexy style.


The first step to the actual shave is to prepare the skin (and help make your guy feel calm) by applying a warm, wet towel to his face prior to shaving. This will soften his beard, opens his pores and relax his facial muscles which allows for a close and irritation-free shave. Press the towel gently onto his face, then guide your hands around the back of his neck and up into his scalp massaging gently with your finger tips before moving slowly back to the towel. Run your fingers through his hair and make yourself comfortable by leaning against his upper arms / shoulder, for some flesh on flesh contact.


Leave the towel on for a couple of minutes, but in the meantime begin to massage and caress your man. Try using a small amount of moisturiser to give him a gentle massage… slide your hands, one at a time, down his chest, moving them in slow circular motions before guiding your finger tips to the edge of his waist line…


Then whip away the towel and start to apply the gel or oil to the face. Don’t be afraid to start getting a bit rough, holding his face with your hands – you have all the power and control at this point and your man will love being dominated. With your warm hands gently but firmly spend a little time massaging the oil or gel into the area to be shaved as this will help soften and lift his stubble. For some sexy variation, try standing slightly behind him, lean over his shoulder positioning yourself inches from his face, then continue to massage in the gel or oil whilst ensuring he has a great view!


Once your partner is ready to be shaved you should start with his cheeks and slowly work your way down his neck, leaving the chin area until last so it’s properly softened. Be sure to use a sharp, clean blade and pull his skin taught with your free hand while shaving each area. Shave using short strokes and rinse the blade often in the mug of warm water. Do not press too hard, especially around sensitive areas such as his neck. Always shave with the direction of hair growth to guarantee the smoothest possible results. To shave the area under his nose, gently push the nose upwards with one finger, shaving sideways across the top lip. With your free hand, feel around the face for any missed hairs and repeat if necessary. Leaning over your partner’s face to shave the opposite cheek, lean into him so he can feel the contours of your body next to his.


Once he’s smooth, rinse his face with cool clean water and gently pat dry with a soft towel (don’t rub!). Then sensually begin to apply lashings of moisturiser on his neck and face and get ready for his final rubdown.


Sitting astride him let him know you’re enjoying the sensual experience as much as he has. Now place his hands on your thighs as you begin to caress his neck up to his cheeks thoroughly (and slowly) massaging in all the moisturiser as you work your way back to his neck and round to the sensitive base of his head meeting his spine. Make sure your man is completely satisfied from head to toe before finishing. Important: Enjoy!