The three day stubble look is one of the key facial hair trends (Below: Shia Laboeuf) so the arrival of Remington’s new MB4110 Stubble Kit is a timely one. With a unique Micro-setting Comb for control, USB charging for grooming-on-the-go and two interchangeable heads for individual style and, harnessing advanced, cutting-edge technology, the high performance Stubble Kit from Remington delivers accurate and comfortable results. What makes the stubble kit so on trend? We’re about to tell you…


Precision Trimming

1. The new Micro-Setting Comb (0.4 – 5.5mm) gives you total control with tiny 0.2mm increase adjustments for precision trimming. The powerful Advanced Titanium, self-sharpening blades are of superior quality for exceptional cutting performance.

Beard Maintenance On the Move

This cord/cordless Stubble Kit conforms to the modern lifestyle with its innovative USB charging capability. Charge from your laptop with the USB cable included for freedom and flexibility. Alternatively, charge the regular way via a standard plug socket for up to 40 minutes cordless usage.


Versatile Styling

Designed for versatile styling, the Stubble Kit comes with two interchangeable heads:

2. The T-Blade attachment is fast, efficient and perfect for detailed styling. You can get creative and freestyle for individual looks or add definition to key areas like sideburns and jaw line.

3. The Foil Shaver attachment allows you to change your look and will give you exceptionally smooth skin in just a few strokes. These detachable heads click easily on and off and are completely washable.

Design Detail

The ergonomic shape with rubberised grips fits comfortably into your palm, making it extremely easy to use and navigate around the contours of your face. The new Remington Stubble Kit allows you to get the look that you want so that you’re well prepared – be it for work, rest, play or the red carpet.