The world of the ‘noses’ is a relatively closed one, with most experts deriving from families with fragrance heritage. There are routes into the world of fragrance expertise, however most are limited by your location and undoubtedly by your funding. Grasse, fragrance experts Le Labo have produced a kit to give you an insight into the foundations of the fragrances, the ingredients themselves. The Olfactionary kit aims to enable perfume enthusiasts to better understand the art of perfume making, hone your sense of smell, all while developing your olfactory “palette”. The premise is with this heightened understanding, you too will be able to  distinguish the constructs of a fine perfume.

“Most of us live with stitched-up nostrils, having grown up in a world where smells are hidden away, and our olfactory senses left to wither.” – Le Labo


The Olfactionary is presented as a box with the forty 2.5 ml bottles containing natural essence (coming directly from Grasse, France’s “perfume capital”) suspended in an alcohol-based solution, representing the principal scents you find in perfumes. The kit also includes a pack of olfactory keys or “blotters“ for sampling the scent of these essences.

For true Gentlemen, there is always the need to learn a new skill, a new interest and to continue developing; fragrance expertise is certainly one area likely to raise your stock and if not, maybe you’ll ‘flare’ a few nostrils in the process.

Available at Le Labo online.