There’s something very poignant and perfect seeing a gent scribble down notes purposefully on a pad, choosing to forgo the ‘luxury’ of ink, but embrace instead the simple functionality of lead pencil. Its not often you see this sight anymore, with pens dominating the pockets of the few that choose hand over keyboard as a mode of transcription. Perhaps it’s time for a resurgence in pencil popularity, and how better to get yourself equipped than with the Father of the Pencil, Kasper Faber.

It all started in 1761, when Kaspar Faber started to produce pencils in Stein, near Nuremberg. The culmination of the Faber history is the “Perfect Pencil” from Graf von Faber-Castell. They posited that to truly enjoy writing and sketching with the classic pencil it should always be sharp. So where to keep the pencil sharpener?


The pencil sharpener is ingeniously integrated in the extender (finished in platinum or Sterling silver plating) with multi-part spring-clip, which protects the pencil while making it suitable to keep in your pocket. Together with the replaceable eraser under the pencil’s cap, everything is always quickly accessible within the smallest space – for writing, correcting and sharpening.


The pencil itself is made from Californian cedar with fine fluting and replaceable eraser and also comes in black-dyed cedar wood. So gents, time to reaffirm yourselves with the pencil; unfussy, elegant and practical – the modern gents answer to ink.

Graf von Faber-Castell via The Malcolm