We’ve seen a real shift in men’s propensity to look after themselves with many brands and products being specifically tailored for the male audience. Now are seeing a brands turn their focus to the extension of ourselves – our Homes. The ambience and design of a residence are seen by most as a reflection of its inhabitants. Brands such as retaW, Joya and Kuumba are catering to this ‘home grooming’ element of your lifestyle with a range of innovative products connecting you to your home via fragrance.


‘Inhabit a space without imposing or covering up the scents of life’ – Frédéric Malle

Frédéric Malle is no stranger to the world of fragrance neither to that of innovation – his Fleur Mechanique and Incense mats are both testaments to how he combines fragrance with originality of thought. His latest product entitled the ‘Perfume Gun’ is emblematic of both his fragrance ambition and his humour. The Fragrance Guns are available in five of Frédéric Malle’s signature home fragrances, namely – 1er Mai, Coffee Society, Jurassic Flower, Rosa Rugosa and Russian Nights.


The Perfume Gun has two settings; one for a more direct spray, and another with a diffused jet, much like a mist. Priced at 100EUROS the Perfume Guns aren’t cheap, but then some might argue that anything worth having comes at a price; given Frédéric’s track record, it’s fair to say that these will more than likely be worth every penny.

via Ozmoz