Shaving and skin care researchers at Gillette have launched a rather handy Facebook App which analyses the effect your daily travel routine has on your skin. The App was created off the back of a survey which highlighted that an astonishing 100% of men (yes, every man!) have moisturised at some point in their life but only a 1/3 moisturise regularly. Basically, next time you get an ribbing from your mates about moisturising you can smile safely in the knowledge that they’ve done it too. Not to mention they’ll most likely look like haggered old beasts in the not to distant future whereas you’ll look fresher than a daisy. Commuting and environmental factors can all take their toll on the skin, let us explain…

 “Seasonal changes can have different effects on men’s skin, so it is important for men to take care of their skin properly.” Dr. Chris Bower, Dermatologist, BSc.

The report offers an interesting insight into the benefits of looking after your skin in the face (no pun intended) of your daily commute. This applies to over half of UK men who travel to work using public transport, with over a third of you increasing your chances of skin irritation by using more than one mode of transport.

Dr Bower adds, “Additionally, by changing between modes of transport en route to work, men are exposing their skin to different types of heat and humidity and this can have an adverse effect on the skin”.

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