It was June this year that Wayne Rooney made a decision that would change his footballing world for the foreseeable future. This season he has started with 10 goals in 7 games for club and country, form that shows no signs of abating. It’s not just his goal scoring record that has changed, his overall style of play has an air of playfulness and infallibility about it as he pulls off delicate touches, flicks and tricks at will. He is now playing with the relaxed aura of a man who has it all; financial stability, a growing family… and his hair.

The Samson Effect, while in this case is referring quite literally to hair loss, applies to all aspects of men’s grooming to varying extents as I’m sure that we can all testify to. Even the smallest issue such as a spot can affect our confidence, let alone dry skin, dark circles and bags, unwanted hair, oily skin, dandruff… the list goes on with each issue being as pertinent to the sufferers, as Wayne Rooney’s hair-loss was to him. The good news is that along with the burgeoning men’s grooming industry has come a realisation that we can now address these issues without threatening our masculinity.


There is more good news; research shows that the return in confidence begins, not with the treatment itself, but the decision to have the treatment. Another common complaint among men (and women) is the quest for the perfect smile and Invisalign expert Dr Paul Humber[1. Paul Humber is a partner at Hopvine House Dental Surgery, Cambridgeshire. He has been treating patients with Invisalign since 2003 and is a Clinical Speaker for Align Technology, training clinicians in the technique in the UK and Europe. His work and research in the technique has been widely published in dental journals. For more information visit] has found some interesting information in his research with Cardiff University regarding the effect of Dentistry on confidence self esteem and happiness.

“While the results have not yet been finalised, we’re finding that it’s not so much the straight teeth that breeds confidence, it’s the decision to tackle something that has bothered you your whole life.” – Dr Paul Humber

He continues, “I had one client that always used to hold his hand over his mouth when he spoke, within 12 weeks the hand had dropped down.” Luckily for us, not all treatments are as costly as hair transplants and dentistry and can now be easily obtained if not on the High St (Boots, Department stores etc) then online (Niven & Joshua, Grooming Lounge etc).

The key factor that separates the men’s industry from the female industry is the while the latter is focused on augmentation and aspiration, the former (men’s industry) is focused on keeping what we have – retention. Wayne Rooney’s procedure was undertaken out of vanity, but out of a desire to preserve the look he once had. Manchester Utd’s ‘Samson’ has not just rejuvenated his career, he’s also made men around the world realise that there is a solution; be it within your job, socially or with your local sporting team, that confidence boost is potentially within your grasp – so take it.