Gentleman, if you want your bodies to be toned and flexed to within an inch of its life before the long awaited body baring summer, then we could have just the thing to help you on your way: Lab Series Skincare for Men Summer Fitness Kit Free Gift*.

The Summer Fitness Kit comes with the vibrant transparent-red water bottle, to keep you company on those summer evening runs. Enclosed within the water bottle are two deluxe samples of the new 50ml Active Body Wash and Lab Series bestselling 30ml Ab Rescue. This kit provides the Lab Series essentials to get into shape for summer and get a head start on that beach body.

Active Body Wash

A refreshing gel based cleanser formulated with Electrolytes and Concentrated Aloe that refreshes, recharges and renews the skin’s appearance. It is mild enough to use as a daily wash, improves the smoothness of skin as well as helps you to feel clean and moisturised right out of the shower.

Ab Body Rescue Sculpting Gel

Energy-enhanced thermogenic formula helps tighten and tone the appearance of the mid-section. Lightweight, creamy gel dries to a silky texture on the skin providing post-workout relief. Smoothes and tautens skin around the abs for a healthier, firmer look.

*The Lab Series Summer Fitness Kit is a free gift with any two Lab Series purchases. Available while stocks last at selected stockists nationwide.

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