In the fast emerging world of the men’s skincare market – mens moisturisers, face cleaners, anti-ageing creams etc I’m starting to worry that gentlemen may well be neglecting a key asset in their ‘looking good arsenal’ – their teeth! You’ve no doubt seen surveys carried out on women asking them that all important question: “What turns you off a guy?”. Likely irritants are body odour, dandruff, hairy back and yes, unclean, yellow, dirty teeth!

For now – I want to focus on oral care or teeth and more specifically having them at an acceptable standard. Your smile impacts many aspects of your life – not just with regards to how you interact with a potential partner but also, a good smile and set of pearly whites has a positive affect on all people you meet, whether it be socially or in the work place. More importantly a healthy set of teeth is vital – you only get one set to last you your entire adult life, so we must take proper care of them to ensure longevity.

There are two main issues which need addressing when it comes to teeth. Firstly we all want nice looking white teeth – the quick option is teeth whitening, which is a debate in itself. Secondly, we all want healthy teeth and gums. The obvious weapon of choice for me was an electric toothbrush. I’ve used them in the past but expensive replacement heads, forgetting to charge the toothbrush and traveling have meant I’ve never really committed myself to prolonged use. So, coupled with my own personal desire to maintain healthy teeth and gums I decided to jump in at the deep end of the electric toothbrush world with the Oral-B Triumph 5000. Oral-B are perhaps the largest manufacturer of electric toothbrushes in the world with their first manual toothbrush being produced in 1950 with an electric version arriving in 1978. Over 30 years of research and experience in the electric toothbrush field – they must and do know a thing or two about the subject.



The Oral-B Triumph 5000 Christmas Gift-box contains a whole host of extra’s and gadgets for cleaning between your teeth, your tongue and plenty of replacement heads. The toothbrush itself is a solid feeling piece of kit with two buttons on the front and a battery display towards the base. After unpacking the various gadgets and tools I got the toothbrush in it’s clever ‘connection-less’ charging dock and gave it a good charge overnight.

In the morning, toothbrush fully charged, I opted for the FlossAction toothbrush head and after reading the manual (honestly I did read it!), clicked the large button on the toothbrush kick starting it into action(the other button cycles through modes outlined later). Oral-B advise starting with the brush and toothpaste in your mouth to avoid the toothpaste flying everywhere – I’m pleased I did, the toothbrush swirled into action at the rate of knots or 8,800 rotations and 40,000 pulsations a minute to be precise! Less advanced electric toothbrushes vibrate or pause when they want you to change the area of your mouth you are cleaning, the Triumph 5000 does this too but also, brilliantly, there is a radio controlled display which you can stick to you bathroom wall which shows graphics indicating your progress, area of your mouth to brush, time remaining in the brushing cycle etc(doubles up as a handy bathroom clock when not in action). I chose the Daily Clean mode which last for 2 minutes (with the option to continue brushing after 2 minutes), allocating 30 seconds per quarter of your mouth. After carefully following the wireless display’s instructions I carried out the brushing process not pressing too hard against my teeth (it warns you if you do) cleaning the front, bottom and back of my teeth and gums. The manner in which the Triumph 5000 cleans is reassuringly aggressive – that’s not a bad thing – I was concerned due to my experiences with past electric toothbrushes that there wouldn’t be enough ‘power’. My gums bled slightly, as Oral-B predicted, but this has since stopped happening (after 2 brushing cycles).

The results, are, well, frankly, fantastic! I can liken it to a visit to the hygienist at the dentist, the feeling afterwards when you have been for a thorough check up, clean and scrape. My teeth felt exceptionally clean. I washed my mouth out with Oral-B’s mouthwash to complete the process.


I must confess, the 2 minute experience did seem like a long time – yes, I was one of those  guys who didn’t hit the 2 minute brushing time with my regular manual toothbrush. In fact, I was also one of those guys who didn’t brush hard enough – I couldn’t help but test the range of the sensor which lets you know if you’re brushing too hard. I found I needed to brush much firmer to get anywhere close to activating the ‘brushing too hard’ sensor.

The range of options on the Triumph 5000 is fantastic, you can vary the brushing mode to suit with the 5 Customised Brushing Modes: Daily Clean, Sensitive, Polish, Massage, Deep Clean. Not only that, you can vary the brushing head to suit – from FlossAction to Sensitive. It really does cater for all jobs, teeth types and sensitivities.

At first I found the Triumph 5000 quite aggressive but after a couple of days use, I’m pleased to report that my teeth are feeling much cleaner, the difference really is so noticeable. My teeth are much whiter too, especially the gaps between each teeth – those hard to reach areas. My aggressive choice of word (although meant positively) now seems a distant memory – the Oral-B Triumph 5000 really has raised the bar for me, so much so that if I go back to using my manual toothbrush I feel like I’m doing something wrong – it’s just nowhere near powerful or deep cleaning enough. I thoroughly recommend the Triumph toothbrush to every gentleman – I feel on top of my my oral health and my teeth are whiter than ever.