*UPDATE 24/4/13: now available in 3 colour options.

Today Gents, I have a post which clearly straddles two of Ape to Gentleman’s categories. Firstly, ‘Latest Products’ and secondly, almost certainly ‘Apeish’. As you might imagine we get lots (and lots) of emails arriving in the ATG inbox but this one made us laugh and this is why…

Never again will your face, ass and crotch share the same towel space!  While the concept is of course meant to be funny, I think many girlfriends will also in particular, when sharing a towel, appreciate not drying their face in the same place their boyfriend dried his balls.

Despite this making us laugh, the towel itself is actually quite clever and of good quality. Unfortuntely for you, now this idea has entered your head you will probably become paranoid about your face, ass and crotch sharing the same towel space! Nice. It could be time to purchase the True Clean Towel?

At $20 it’s affordable, not to mention the 100% heavy weight cotton and generously sized, 5 feet tall 2.5 feet wide.

To recap, $20 buys you a good quality towel, your face, ass and crotch won’t have to share the same towel space. Best of all, your girlfriend will be happy as she appreciates not drying her face in the same place you just dried your balls.

Genius! It’s a win win situation Gents.