The white shirt – a base for all great ensembles and a staple in the genteel man’s wardrobe. Enthusiasts will know that when it comes to buying an item of this simplicity only the best will do. Cheap fabric is easily recognisable after one wash and an ill fit can leave the wearer feeling a little worse for ware. Thankfully a conundrum that E.Tautz have conquered with the release of there whiter than white shirt in collaboration with the well renowned fabric mill Thomas Mason.


The cotton used to create the shirt is the precious Egyptian Giza 87, extracted from the very particular climate conditions of the River Nile. The quality of the material ensures that even after numerous washes, the softness increases and the material itself retains it’s original brightness. To obtain it’s purist form the raw material is cleaned by hand, eliminating the chance of contamination. This is then passed in front of a camera that further indentifies any fibre impurity. The product is then woven together in Italy according to the historical ‘secret recipe’ of Mr Mason himself, insuring the item produced is of it’s finest potential. Makes you wonder why you have ever considered buying any other white shirt, right?


Available at Selfridges £225