In the cut-throat world of shaving, precision is everything. The more precise the manufacturing tolerances the better the shave. Simple, right? Not really. We hear of unthinkable processes such as nanotechnology, which sounds ‘cool’ but what is it? Well, nanotechnologist scientists from the University of Nottingham in the UK in a furore of geekry, wizardry and electron microscopes have managed to visually convey it. Simply put, it’s working in microscopic detail to meet exacting standards. Combining Gillette’s blade production experience with the university scientists has resulted in an advert on a single male facial hair, created by blasting ions which imprinted text on the hairs! Incredible, take a look below.


It takes extreme precision to work at this size. ProGlide – Gillette’s Finest Blades

Apparently the series of ads (like this one) measure about 100 microns across, equivalent to a tenth of a millimetre. Surely there’s a Guinness World Record in the offing for this!?