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Here at Ape to Gentleman we have many requests for thinning hair and receding hair line advice so I decided to ask head&shoulders’ top London stylist Michael Douglas for some advice, for you.

CB: What are the main causes of hair thinning?

MD: Men’s hair can suffer from a range of effects that can impact its appearance (e.g. thin, limp, flat, greasy looking hair). Often, men are not very involved with their hair. That tends to change when they realise that they are losing their hair which can impact their confidence.

In addition to the various inevitable factors that cause hair loss, head&shoulders research has identified a new factor that we can do something about: dandruff! Recently, global leading hair experts developed a hypothesis about the mechanisms underlying the onset of hair loss due to dandruff and breakage.

Dandruff is caused by the presence of the yeast Malassezia globosa which leads to irritation of the scalp skin and to flaking. Scalp irritation leads to compromised hair quality and – in addition – the scratching associated damages the hair shaft.

head&shoulders hair endurance shampoo was specifically designed with these insights in mind. Its HydraZinc technology works against dandruff by effectively reducing the growth of Malasseziaglobosa on the scalp – so it tackles the cause of dandruff and itching. The reduction of dandruff means that the growing conditions for hair on the scalp are improved and also that less itch and less hair damage occur due to reduced scratching.

In addition, the care and conditioning ingredient blend especially formulated for men, protect the hair surface against damage and enhance the appearance of the hair shaft. So, by fighting dandruff, head&shoulders hair endurance shampoo not only reduces flakes but also helps to slow down hair loss due to dandruff and breakage, a key factor reducing the quality and appearance of hair.

CB: How should thinning hair be cared for? What products and styling techniques would you recommend using or avoiding?

MD: Hair loss can also be about a lack of good blood circulation around the scalp so massaging the scalp when shampooing and conditioning is the best you can do – anything to help stimulate the blood supply is a good thing. Try to eat plenty of iron as a deficiency can lead to thinning hair.

CB: How can consumers disguise the fact their hair is thinning?

MD: This really depends on how big the problem is. A general solution is to keep the hair very short and avoid any wet look products i.e. no gels!


Styling your hair…

Michael says that receding hair lines and hair loss can be tricky to deal with in terms of styling.

The only real option is to crop it short as growing the hair will only draw attention to the problem.

He recommends that you…

Keep the hair looking textured with a clay or putty, having the hair moving in different directions will help to disguise the thinning, so go for a messy hair style rather than one that is combed in just one direction.

For styling, Michael recommends the Shockwaves Recreate Styling Putty, which offers long lasting hold that you can style and restyle throughout the day to keep your look fresh and textured.

Michael does recommend that if your hair loss is ongoing and you don’t think that it’s hereditary then you should consult the doctor as it could be due to an illness or diet.

There you have it gents, thinning hair and receding hair line advice from the best.

head&shoulders Hair Endurance is available in stores nationwide RRP £2.39 for 250ml.