Getting that shirt and tie combination right is a must for any Ape that would be Gentleman, and can make the difference between Car Salesman and Merchant Banker. It was in search of a magical combo that I came across Figs – an LA based brand that create in their own words “innovative ties and bow ties for the modern man”. They make both normal and bow ties in a selection of unique designs and luxurious fabrics such as British wool and Italian Silk. If none of the current designs meet your exacting requirements, they will custom make you one to best suit your needs.


Furthermore, for every Figs tie or bow tie you buy, a uniform is given to a child in order for them to attend school. The initiative called ‘Threads for Threads’ will start in Eastern Africa, specifically in 105 schools within Kenya and Tanzania. They hope to soon provide uniforms to children all across the world so that they can get the education they so rightly deserve, one tie at a time. Get that perfect shirt tie combo while “simultaneously facilitating a child’s education”.  Do the right thing Gents. via CoolHunting