Blue is one of the most versatile colours in our style arsenal, it can be; neutral, casual or even vibrant. Depending on your mood and style, one can choose a watch to match your outfit. Here are three luxury watches to suit your needs if you’re feeling blue.

Neutral: TAG Heuer Aquaracer


This Aquaracer piece has the best qualities to make a statement with the famous TAG Heuer brand logo showing off against the denim blue dial. It would suit any smart or casual outfit as it is such a neutral watch that won’t distract from your attire. The watch is also water resistant to 300 metres and features a diving extension on the bracelet, for when you want your neutral TAG watch to become a diving watch.

£1,295.00 >

Vibrant: Breitling Transocean


If you want your watch to make a statement then this Transocean watch by Breitling has the dial and the strap to do so. Satin-finished dial in a striking deep blue, the dial features eye-catching complications and the blue leather strap adds to the dynamic piece. Wear all black to show off the all-blue design.

£6,320.00 >

Casual: Baume & Mercier Clifton


Throw your leather jacket on with a pair of Levi’s and Converse and introduce this piece to your casual ensemble. Whilst the functions of this watch are unsurpassable by a regular casual watch like Casio or Daniel Wellington, the piece isn’t just for the appearance but it is also an investment. Baume & Mercier are a large cog in the luxury watch business and you get the quality you pay for.

£3,450.00 >