With Christmas fast approaching it’s time to give you a run down of the three fashion items I am hoping to receive this Christmas. The gifts have been selected from three brands who strive for the best in craftsmanship, quality and in everything they make.

The items have not been selected on face value, but instead selected by a common denominator; the idea that it’s not what clothes you have, but how to enjoy them. Invest in these items, wear them with care and enjoy them as they age.

Drake’s Shawl Collar Cardigan – £775

Founded in 1977, Drake’s has one of the finest curated collections we have ever seen. A mainstay in the collection over the past few years has been their timeless Shawl Collar Cardigan.

Produced in a beautiful four ply cashmere, this cardigan is sure to stand the test of time. The shawl features English tan leather buttons, Raglan shoulders and a throat latch closure. Ready to wear, the cardigan costs £695, but for the ultimate luxury go to the Drake’s store on Clifford Street for the made to order service, allowing you to pick from 32 colours for £775.

Stutterheim Stockholm Bla – £200

The Stockholm jacket has become an iconic jacket since its creation by Alexander Stutterheim, who designed the jacket with inspiration drawing from his grandad’s old rain coat.

Staying true to the ethos, Stutterheim still produce their jackets with great care, and each jacket is individually inspected by one of their many skilled seamstresses. The Stockholm is produced with a rubberised cotton and welded seams; the perfect jacket to wear and let it age beautifully.

Eton x Eidos Off-White “Fisherman” Sweater – £295

Eton x Eidos has been one of the most exciting collaborations of the year, with the Neopolitan brand Eidos creating a beautifully curated collection with the Swedish shirtmaker Eton, to stock in their stores.

A favourite item from the collection is the fisherman jumper, which is cut with a short and slim silhouette; perfect for layering during the winter. The jumper is produced in a soft wool and nylon mix for durability.