Snowboarding might have begun over fifty years ago in 1965 in the form of two skis fitted together named the “snurfer” but fast-forward to 2017/18 and the sport is ever-growing in popularity.


With approximately 97% of all ski areas in North America and Europe allow snowboarding, and more than half with jumps, rails and half pipes- it’s proof that snowboarding is a sport on the up. In light of this- Ape have picked our three of the best snowboards.

Nidecker Rave


This is a high end board designed for precision and charging- aggressive with a fast base. It rides with a truly stunning performance across the whole mountain. With a new construction mixing cap on the nose for an easy and precise ride and the power of the sandwich between the feet and at the tail, Nidecker has delivered a board that carves the piste and powder like nothing you’ve ever ridden.

£435 >

YES Optimistic


The YES Optimistic is a very cool board, it’s all bout the turn with this one. A mid-wide waist width coupled with an aggressive sidecut and Underbite sets you up for a turning experience like no other. Response, stability and edge hold on every snow condition. You can enjoy the shorter swing weight by riding it a few cm’s shorter than your normal board and you will unlock this board’s versatility.

£515 >

Jones Project X

jones-project-xIf you’re after ridiculous tech in a board, this is the one to go for. A high-end board, razor sharp and made of carbon, it’s extremely light and rides like a luxury sports car. Powerful with impeccable handling and a comfortable flex. Jones’ Board Engineer Xavier Nidecker designed the Project X to reflect the future of snowboard production. It’s built with their most advanced materials and construction technologies. New for 2018, the Project X features a limited edition, hand numbered serial badge and an advanced new fibreglass that improves strength by 15% without adding weight.

£1,285 >