In the fast paced, technology based world we currently live in, being with out your phone or tablet when on the go can be a real struggle. It’s so important to ensure that you have a reliable charging station for when you cannot get to a plug socket. With so many different types it can be hard to know which one is the best for the lifestyle you lead.

AViiQ Portable Charging Station – CRS Edition

A stylish, compact all-in-one travel bag with integrated 4-Port USB hub and specialised Cable Rack & Winder cable management system. The AViiQ Portable Charging Station was designed to keep your cables organised and ready to take on the go. Unlike other charging stations which have special connectors and adapters, the AViiQ charger was designed to easily use the cables you already use everyday. Providing rapid charge for smart phones and tablets. Lightweight, compact and portable, it’s the must have mobile accessory for those on the go.


JOOS Orange

Calling all travellers, sportsmen and outdoorsy types. Introducing JOOS Orange. Power anywhere without the compromises of other portable solar chargers. It’s tough: Super durable and waterproof, delivering charge anywhere you go. The JOOS Orange works in real-world light conditions (low light, in the shade and even light rain) Fast working: it charges at least 3.5x faster than other portable solar chargers.



For a little on the go help, for a busy businessman with a hectic schedule. The PowerStick+ is a powerful back-up battery, simple and convenient. Simply charge the PowerStick+ in a USB port, then throw it into your bag, briefcase or even slip into your pocket on a night out. A dead phone at the worst time? Conveniently connect your phone to the charger for a full 100% back up charge. Available with the option of a flash memory, your charger can double as a hard drive to store and back up files.