As the weather cools down and you begin to dig deep into the depths of your wardrobe looking for the wooly jumpers and vests from last year, we often spend an unreasonable amount of money on replacing clothes because the old ones have become smelly, musty and misshapen from spending the previous 6 months at the back of your wardrobe. Investing in good clothing refresher could save you serious amounts of time and money. If you buy clothes because you like them, then why not look after them as so.


retaW is a Tokyo based brand founded in 2009, dedicated to creating unique blends that embody a lifestyle wrapped in scent. Their EVELYN* Fabric Liquid (£13) is a fine, spray-on mist that helps eliminate odours from fabrics, leaving a crisp and fresh bergamot scent on clothing, trainers, and any soft furnishings.

Mr. Black


Founded in 2011, Mr. Black began when when a young denim enthusiast called Ash Black realised that while sales staff in the boutiques he loved were forever warning him not to put his premium jeans in the washing machine, they were unable to recommend a credible alternative. A non-toxic and natural liquid designed for everyday garment washing, Mr. Black’s Regular Wash (£13.50) contains zero harsh chemicals this wash avoids all damages to the fabrics that other clothes washed may cause, leading to misshaping, fraying, shrinking, fading and bleeding. Powerful enough to wash away grime, dirt and bacteria it is also still gentle enough to be used regularly.


Another one from retaW, this time their MOOD* Denim Liquid (£13). A fine spray-on, antibacterial mist that eliminates tough odours from denim.When sprayed onto jeans or any denim material it almost instantly refreshes the material and offers fragrance with a fresh, minty scent with subtle sweetness.