Traditional in fabric and modern in fit – the cord trouser’s ability to transcend through time is a testament to its quality. With the ability to be worn for all kinds of occasion, whether formal or casual, this durable pant is always hot on the heels of its denim counterpart.



Part of the H&M group, recently launched ARKET is one of the best new sources for quality clothing at a decent price point. Based in Stockholm, Sweden, the brand aims to live up to the Nordic tradition of functional, long-lasting design. Their name even comes from the Swedish word for ‘sheet of paper’ – a reference to the blank page that so many projects begin with. Their Standard Corduroy Trousers (£69) are simple, well-made, and long-lasting. Their resemblance to jeans also makes them perfect for casual wear.

Saturdays NYC


New York menswear label Saturdays NYC aren’t afraid to draw influence from sources far and wide in order to create a fresh look in their collections. Their Autumn/Winter 2017 collection, for instance, drew inspiration from the Bronze Age, gilding techniques, and the first generation of working-class, post-war youth. This Corduroy Field Pant in bronze ($175) is from the same collection, blending traditional influences with more modern styles in a pair of brighter pastel cords that are sure to stand out.



Parisian brand A.P.C. are masters of abstract minimalism, and the Petit Standard Corduroy (€190) from their Autumn/Winter 2017 Collection is a real showcase of discreet sophistication in black. These understated cords are the ideal choice for those who prefer to blend in, but still value function as highly as fashion.