The benefits of a good face mask are second to non. When you see your female co workers and their skin seems to be glowing, much firmer and cleaner than the day before, chances are they’ve had a girly night in with a soppy rom com and face masks. It’s this stereo type that so often discourages guys, but stick on an action movie and grab a few beers and you will see guys can have face mask nights too. In fact there are many face masks now created specifically to accommodate mens skin. Our top picks are:

Black Mask by Avojo 

A revolutionary face mask designed to not only fight signs of blackheads, but prevent future blackheads! Combatting dirty, oily and dead skin it revives the skin leaving soft clean and refreshed.


Bayolea Cleansing Mask by Penhaligon’s 

A deep cleansing clay mask to target stressed, tired or congested skin. Perfect for all skin types it soothes and calms the face. Allowing for flawless results.


Detox Face Mask by Malin+Goetz 

Perfect for sensitive skin, the deep cleansing mask purifies the skin, lifting dirt and oil away. With active foaming properties the mask instantly hydrates the skin with long lasting effects.