With world gin day tomorrow, Saturday 11th June- perfectly timed on a weekend, we thought it wise to take a look at three of the best gins. Stepping away from the norm, we’ve tracked down the very best gins, noted for their unique flavour, quality of ingredients and style.

Gin derives predominantly from the juniper berry and has evolved from a medicinal herbal treatment to an essential spirit in any bar, home-bar and or restaurant. There are variety of ways to drink it and our preferred method is a gin with tonic water, with a lemon or lime to taste. You might also recognise it from well known cocktails; the Negroni and or a Tom Collins.

Embrace world gin today tomorrow, and beyond- or even tonight with Ape to Gentleman’s Three of the Best Gins.

58 Gin

We discovered this 58 Gin whilst staying at a stunning boutique hotel near the Peak District in Derby called The Kedleston, who also happen to have their own gin No 7 made by Gin 58 but you’ll have to visit The Kedleston to sample that one.

58 Gin is made in East London by Mark Mamont, an artisan crafter who recently had his 58 Gin voted as No 1 in the best 101 gins to try before you die. Best consumed as a classic gin and tonic over ice and with a lime.



Started by Anshuman Vohra with a view to creating something bolder than the competition. Bulldog is a ‘citrus forward’ gin with a layered, flexible profile ideal for cocktails as the juniper isn’t as heavy as in many classic gin recipes.

It’s infused with an exotic mix of 12 distinctive botanicals, including lotus leaves, lavender and dragon eye. Smooth tasting it is produced at a gin distillery with over 250 years experience where it is quadruple-distilled in traditional copper pots. Serve with lemon, sugar and soda (Tom Collins) or over ice with liquorice and orange zest.


Martin Miller’s

Naturally distilled in ‘Angela’ one of the ‘grande dames’ of pot stills, Martin Miller’s gin is more of a back to basics type of gin. Doing away with exotic sounding ingredients their mission is to let the gin staple of juniper shine. With the focus on juniper, there are naturally some additions to bring out a unique flavour; Coriander, Angelica Root, Liquorice, Cassia Bark, Florentine Iris, Lime Peel, Bitter Orange, Lemon and their not so secret ingredient; cucumber.

Crucially Martin Miller’s use water from Iceland, certain that it’s the purest, softest and best tasting water on the planet. The result is a strong citrus taste with rich and spicy juniper arriving half way through delivering a clean soft taste. Best enjoyed as a classic gin and tonic over ice to taste the quality of the gin. Serve with a lime or lemon.