The oils on your face help to fight fight the signs of ageing, however many people suffer with excess oil. When too much oil is produced, the pores become larger to accommodate the excess production. Excess androgens can also cause the pore lining to thicken, which blocks oil from getting out of the pores, and that can result in blackheads and white bumps. Using products with drying or irritating ingredients may seem like a good idea because they make your skin feel less oily, at least initially, but in the long run using such ingredients is a bad idea.

Molton Brown – Balancing Face Wash

A thoroughly cleansing face wash that reduces excess oil and shine and normalises skin without affecting the PH balance.Specifically designed with oily skin types in mind, this balancing face wash uses African whitewood to regulate excess oils, cleanse away impurities revealing a fresh balanced complexion.

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Avojo – Black Mask

This revolutionary black peel off mask from Danish brand Avojo is like nothing we’ve seen before. Its unique formula not only expertly fights blackheads, but prevents them too. It also combats dirty skin, oily skin and dead skin cells – common causes of spots and blackheads.

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Billy Jealousy – Combination Code

A lightweight face moisturiser ideal for those with oily skin. The easily absorbed, aloe vera enhanced, creme works quickly to restore the pH balance and heal any environmental damages in the skin. Green tea extracts cleanse the skin of toxins and releases histamines from the skin cells. This smoothes out and firms the face, effectively fighting ageing in the skin.

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