The myth that the running shoe is beyond the fashion realms is an idea that the three trainers below can safely put to bed. Exercising the energetic nature within all of us Ape’s, this bunch have finesse to ensure that even when covered in sweat your feet still look cut above the rest.

Auckland racer, £48 by CONVERSE;

Red and white running shoe, £89.99 by DIADORA;

Green and grey trainer, £55 by NEW BALANCE;

Main Image: Branding Byron

About Three of the Best
With the advancement of high street brands and of fast fashion, key styles and staple wardrobe pieces are available at prices that are affordable to most. ‘Three of the Best’ represents Ape to Gentleman’s selection of the outstanding elite in a specified category, not biased to price, to help you decipher from the masses, those garments which truly are the best.