A tan makes you look fitter and healthier. Tired of being told you look tired? Why not go fake this summer? A good tan can do wonders in boosting your confidence, as it it helps the skin to appear much more toned. Highlighting the most worked out parts of your body by flexing the muscles whilst applying the tanner, allows for a more natural even tan.

Be sure to apply at least 48 days before going on holiday to allow time for it to settle into the skin. Before tanning be sure to educate yourself on the art that is self tanning. 

He-Shi – 1 Hour Rapid Tan

Has unique time development accelerators, that tans on contact giving an instant golden colour providing finished results in just 60 minutes. With quick drying formula you can be confident not to develop streaks or patches. Suitable for use all over the body including the facial area and over hair.

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St. Tropez – Self Tan Bronzing Lotion

An aloe vera-infused formula delivers a rich golden, deep, natural-looking tan in a lotion formula.Slightly darker than the Self Tan Bronzing Mousse, this original St. Tropez lotion formula will give you a longer-lasting, more intense tan.Eliminating the tell-tale self tan aroma by 70% the tan instead gives a subtle, yet refreshing fragrance.

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Vita Liberata – Capture the Light Illuminating Skin Finish

Giving a soft focus and flawless finish to the skin. Created for London Fashion Week, Capture the Light is popular with make up artists who use it as finishing touch highlighter around the eyes and cheekbones. However is can also be used for a flawless, medium bronzing to legs, arms, torso and face. This product can be used on its own or to deepen and perfect already tanned skin. For smooth skin and stunning definition the SPF 25 makes it a summer essential.

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