In the summer time when the weather is fine… or on holiday for instance, humidity and heat, and or city ‘grime’ can take it’s toll. The solution- a refreshing, uplifting-scented shower gel to cleanse and reinvigorate after a hard day at the grindstone. Similarly, they act as a wake up call in the morning, to start your day right.

In general a good shower gel should lather well, smell fantastic (and remain), be a good texture, last/ be concentrated, possess quality ingredients, easily dispensed and offer value for money. Here are our Three of The Best: Summer Shower Gels.

retaW ISLEY* Body Wash

Made with organic natural essential oils- rosemary, bergamot fruit, chamomile, tea tree leaf and eucalyptus along with hydrating collagen and cleansing hyaluronic acid to leave skin thoroughly cleansed and moisturised. This highly-concentrated body wash possess a light, clear mint fragrance which clears the mind, and crucially leaves you feeling cool, cleansed and refreshed- 300ml.

£26.50 >

Malin+Goetz Lime Hand + Body Wash

Malin+Goetz’s ability to marry nature with technology is evident again here. Their Lime Hand + Body Wash is designed to gently yet effectively purify and balance all skin types. This rich foaming cleansing gel synthesises 0.3% refreshing Citron Vert EDT fragrance with amino acid-based cleansing agents to thoroughly cleanse and hydrate. The lime scent is seriously refreshing- £250ml.

£18.00 >

Frederic Malle Cologne Indélébile Body Wash

Frederic Malle, noted for an expert fragrance collection have diversifued their eau de parfum ranges into sister products and one of our favourites is the Cologne Indélébile Body Wash. Topped by the freshness of neroli, orange blossom, and bergamot, this refreshing body wash is rich and creamy in the hand and leaves the skin feeling soft and remarkably clean- 200ml.

£60.00 >