Soft in nature the unstructured blazer eradicates all sharp lines seen in it’s smarter counterpart. Features most commonly appear in form of button up collars and slanted pockets-formalities need not appear here. This is where the casual reigns supreme. Here are three of the best unstructured blazers on the market right now…

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Oliver Spencer


A brand founded in 2002, Oliver Spencer’s vision was to create something new: a range of clothing with all the quality and craft of premium tailoring, but with a relaxed modern style. Quality didn’t necessarily need to indicate formality, and casual didn’t need to mean careless. Needless to say, this is the perfect brand to being with when it comes to the unstructured blazer, the quintessential meeting of casual and quality. This Theobald Jacket in Conway Grey (£339) is a versatile choice for the winter months, with the unstructured design of the jacket complimenting the relaxed feel of the soft cotton and lambswool blend.



The latest brand from the H&M group, ARKET was launched as a modern day market working alongside designers, buyers, pattern makers to deliver their own selection of quality products, as well as their favourites from other brands. This modern style of operating fits well with the slightly less conventional nature of the unstructured blazer, and this Dark Blue Jersey Flannel (£150) is no different. The fabric is made from a high-quality jersey flannel fabric made in Japan that has a natural stretch, making it bold to the shape of the body.

Ermenegildo Zegna


As a high-end Italian luxury fashion house that have manufactured suits for the likes of Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, Dunhill and Tom Ford, Zegna has the quality credentials ideal for the modern blazer. This Burgundy Silk and Wool Jacket (£1750) is pricey to say the least, but from a brand such as Zegna, it’s made pretty much the best that money can buy.