With the hottest months of the year firmly behind us, the time of year has come when many, having returned from their summer holiday quite some time ago, are looking ahead to the possibility of an Autumn weekend getaway. This might be a less far-flung adventure undertaken with greater spontaneity, but it’s usually still one that requires a considerable amount of packing. With that comes the desire for a form of luggage less cumbersome than the traditional suitcase, which still retains more space than a simple backpack: this is the purpose of The Weekend Bag. Whether used for a business trip, a family visit, or a long weekend, a reliable weekend bag can prove to be the perfect accompaniment for many travellers at this time of year. For this reason, we’ve put together a list of three of our favourite travel bags on the market right now- here are our picks…

Top of The Tree

The Lenox Leather Duffel, £999, by TUMI

Countless brands across the globe have their own styles of weekend bag, from top designers to budget manufacturers. At £999, TUMI’s Lenox Leather Duffel is the most costly product of the three by some distance. However, it’s the ideal choice for those who prioritise quality over price. Part of the TUMI’s Ashton collection, the Leather Duffel adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to the collection’s sporty and relaxed theme. Available in leather or Italian coated canvas, this well-made and durable weekend bag will easily endure countless miles of travel.


Mid-Range Winner

The M/S Weekend Bag, £320, by MISMO

An understated, elegant travel bag, our mid-range choice is Mismo’s M/S Weekend Bag at £320. With more than enough space to comfortably house the essentials needed for a brief period away. Alternatively, it could also be used as an everyday bag if your lifestyle calls for mobility while keeping extra necessities close by. Key features include the leather border along the zipper for added sturdiness and durability, signature Mismo buttons, an interior zip pocket on one side and a deep, open pocket divided into two on the other.


Affordable (but still great) Option

The Paraglider Cloth Boston Bag, £39.95, by MUJI

Sitting just below the £40 price point, our budget pick is Muji’s Paraglider Cloth Boston Bag. It sacrifices the slightly sturdier leather build of the two more expensive options, however, its paragliding cloth composition makes it very lightweight, surprisingly durable, and also extremely practical. The use of this material also means the bag can simply be folded away and stored easily when not in uses, without worrying about creasing or damaging it. If in use alongside other luggage on a longer trip, simply use the strap on the side to hang over suitcase handles while on the move.