Time is something that not everyone enjoys to monitor, but for those who do, a wristwatch is not only an essential everyday item but also a desirable piece of intricate design.

Unfortunately though, the humble wristwatch is something people no longer see as a necessity to leave the house with. With your phone capable of performing many more additional functions as well as being able to tell you the time, people are adopting the Blackberry or iPhone over an elegant timepiece.


Price is a significant factor. Granted, if you want a watch, then it’s easy to buy one at fractional cost, but what’s on offer for those looking to invest in quality yet aren’t with the financial fireworks to sink money on a Patek Philippe, Rolex or Omega? There is an answer, which comes in the form of Swiss watch manufacturer Tissot and their innovative range of both classic and contemporary timepieces. At their recent press day on Fitzroy Square I discovered that affordability didn’t have to mean sacrificing quality.


In the Tissot Men’s Jewellery Box collection, a number of watches in the Tradition range stood out for their classic design and elegant styling. The chronograph, perpetual date and three-hand models are all perfect for formal occasions or, if you don’t need an excuse to wear it, for indulgent daily wear. All available for under £300, these watches best showcase Tissot’s high standard for aesthetic quality as well as precision time keeping and are perfect examples of the timeless appeal of the classic wristwatch. With subtly curved cases and safety clasp fastenings, the ergonomic design of these watches sits them comfortably on the wrist from morning through to night.

For those looking for a more contemporary design in their watch then the Tissot PR 516 Automatic (£485) is a must. Originally released in the ‘60s, the watch was inspired by automotive design of the era and featured a stainless steel cutaway strap. Having undergone modifications over recent years, being re-released as the PRS 516, this new model resurrects the original stainless steel strap design and improves on the watches mechanism using modern production methods.


With technological progression in mind, Tissot have also introduced new models into their groundbreaking T-Touch collection. With a sport driven aesthetic the watches in this range suit more active pursuits including diving, hiking, sailing and motor racing, and all feature the advanced touch screen technology that Tissot introduced in 1999: 8 years ahead of the iPhone.

Favourites in this collection included the Tissot Sea-Touch (£670), a diving specialised watch capable of recording dive times, depths and ascent/descent speeds. For the modern adventurer there’s the Tissot T-Touch Expert (£685) with an altitude difference meter, compass with azimuth bearings and the usual pressure meter, thermometer and alarm that come as standard throughout the T-Touch range.


With their numerous functions accessed via touch screen faces, the T-Touch range offers gadget aficionados an uncluttered active wristwatch they can be proud of that will also look great on the wrist.


Switzerland is known throughout the world as the leading manufacturer of precision watches. With so many of the luxury design houses sourcing their watch lines from the country it’s no surprise that Swiss made watches carry the highest price tag: commonly into the tens-of-thousands of pounds. However, Tissot manages to keep their retail price-points down without losing any of the accuracy associated with Swiss timepieces. It comes as no surprise then to learn that based on quantity of sales, Tissot is number one in the world. With watches like these, it’s easy to understand why. So if you’ve been looking for a watch, there’s no better time to invest in quality.